VPAS supports brands and agencies in executing effective and compliant campaigns by providing appropriate combinations of technology, resources and people.

By offering a full spectrum of competition services, from compliance through to mechanics and fulfilment, we provide end-to-end solutions that enable our clients to confidently undertake considered and effective promotions.

These same skills are applied to our Invite & RSVP Management service which supports events with the means to invite, track and encourage responses, while centralising information for all stake holders.

We enhance our service offerings with bespoke digital tools, and drive our business with excellent service, passionate dedication and over a decade of experience.

All our campaigns benefit from an approach that recognizes consumers as individuals, and maximises the opportunities that great personal interactions present.

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VPAS provides a range of fit for purpose solutions that ensure brand activities are implemented efficiently and effectively.

By considering each project’s elements holistically, we deliver effective solutions tailored to each campaign’s unique requirements.

Key service categories are as follows:


VPAS provides bespoke competition mechanics according to each campaign’s objectives. From standalone solutions to integrated multi-channel entry streams, we advise, implement and manage campaigns from concept through to completion.

We offer the following:

  • WhatsApp Platforms
  • Text to win lines
  • Competition microsites
  • Independent prize draws
  • Instant wins
  • Data and airtime giveaways
  • Redemption gateways
  • Dedicated contact centers
  • Fixed fee and redemption cover
  • Data handling and reporting
  • Traffic and source analytics
WhatsApp Platform

With billions of users worldwide, brands can’t ignore the capabilities of WhatsApp to deliver competition mechanics, instant rewards, surveys, media submissions and much more. VPAS offers it all and can get your campaign up and running with minimal lead time.

LOOP Platform

Introducing our proprietary platform which has completely revolutionised traditional SMS campaigns. Find out how LOOP links purchase to entry and combats fraud by clicking here.


A large chunk of activations incorporate a digital component, whether that’s a standalone microsite, a device in a physical installation, or a company-wide deployment, our team build interfaces for some of the world’s leading brands.

Words like ‘bespoke’ and ‘custom’ get thrown about a little too easily, but that’s exactly what we do. We don’t do off the shelf solutions, or generic frameworks, we engineer truly client-specific solutions which translate into a multitude of outcomes.

Our development scale runs from simple data gathering tools to fully integrated deployments, from employee recognition platforms to stock ordering tools, from registration platforms and check-in systems to fully immersive consumer journeys… the canvas is blank, we help you fill it.


VPAS sources and fulfils all manner of prizes, with physical prizes being backed by a kitting and distribution service.

It’s an exciting, collaborative space where we enhance campaigns with audience appropriate prizes to create commercial advantage.

We don’t put square pegs in round holes, and always measure the desire to innovate against the expectations of the target audience. If tech serves your campaign best, that’s the solution we’ll propose. Ditto for vouchers, tickets, data and cash. But if you want to swim in the ocean with pigs instead of dolphins (yip, it’s a real thing), or go weightless in a zero gravity flight, we’ll make that happen too.

We offer the following:

  • Sourcing and acquisition of prizes
  • Execution of experiential prizes
  • Kitting, storage and distribution of physical prizes
  • Complete fulfilment service for cash, incentive and reward campaigns
  • Redemption microsites
  • Dedicated inbound contact centers


Some call it winner management or winner handling. We say bleh to both. Budgets get managed. Cargo gets handled. Neither of those terms should apply to winners, unless you’re herding them like sheep through a series of processes and missing out on all the benefits of proper engagement.

Winners deserve more than that. Brand reputations deserve more than that. And in an increasingly communicative and social world, those interactions have all the potential to build or bust reputations. Scott Cook nailed it when he announced: “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is, it’s what consumers tell each other it is.”

We champion that idea by creating exceptional winner engagement experiences that build temporary relationships which are personal enough to be meaningful, and structured enough to be consistent. With every winner having a dedicated contact point for each step of the engagement journey, and all those interactions being handled with an unrivalled degree of finesse, VPAS creates personal connections that individualise brand perception.

By creating environments where winners feel cherished as individuals, and experience superlative levels of service, we set the stage for positive social dialogue.

We offer the following:

  • Winner verification and validation
  • Dedicated campaign contact points
  • Redemption microsites
  • Complete prize fulfilment service
  • Incentive and reward programmes


Our niche service combines all the requirements of the invite, registration and check-in process into one streamlined service which realises the following advantages:

  • Universal development of a complete event solution leads to hugely improved timelines and cost efficiencies
  • Guest lists are centralised and managed holistically so that allocations and responses can be controlled and adjusted in real time
  • Consistency of language and event messaging
  • Accurate data in order to control access, secure flights and accommodation, schedule transfers etc.
  • Appropriate reporting levels keep all project parties updated and informed
  • Guests have direct access to dedicated engagement teams for any queries

VPAS assimilates the following services into the solutions we offer:

  • Invite design and distribution backed by multi-channel follow up
  • Secure registration microsites built to specific campaign requirements
  • Onsite check-in systems paired with ticketing solutions
  • Dedicated inbound contact centers
  • Traffic and source analytics


Compliance isn’t just about writing a set of terms and conditions, it is woven into everything we do.

We don’t view compliance as an unwanted bugbear, it’s a great opportunity to manage expectations, set goals and measure performance. That mindset allows us to mitigate legal and reputational risk without compromising the efficacy of the campaign, or the impact of the prizes.

We offer the following:

  • Writing terms and conditions
  • Independent adjudication
  • Independent winner draws
  • Unique code generation
  • Winner verification and validation


If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed.

Which is why we use metrics and insight to inform pre-campaign decisions and post campaign measurements, and utilise real-time analytics to steer campaigns while they are live. It’s also the reason we design our system architectures to adapt to changing environments, and hone them to meet your specific requirements.

Information transfer is key to keeping our clients in touch with their campaigns. VPAS translates campaign data into relevant dashboards and funnels detailed reporting to pre-defined reporting channels.

But going beyond the numbers, we also draw on over a decade of experience to inform our decisions, some even say we have a sixth sense!


We have an intimate understanding of what it takes to be an effective project partner to a diverse portfolio of brands and agencies. We love what we do and it shows in the quality of work we’ve delivered for our clients.

“All the services VPAS have provided have exceeded our expectations. They are incredibly reliable, solution focused and are genuine partners for our business” 

Eric D’Oliveira – Managing Director, FCB

"VPAS are a crucial resource, professional, deadline driven and above all highly capable. They decode the impossibly complicated and make it understandable and accessible without losing the most important part of the process: make it work every time" 

Howard Simms – Managing Director, Hammer Live Brands

“We have consistently experienced unsurpassed quality in VPAS’s outputs which has, in turn, made our role in delivering a supreme service that much easier, they’re an invaluable part of the process for us.” 

Paul Grater – Managing Partner, J. Walter Thompson


Below are some of the brands we’ve worked with.


We’ve worked on hundreds of campaigns, but we never rest on our laurels and constantly seek out ways to raise the bar even higher. The brands we’ve worked with are a great validation of our company, but dig a little deeper and you’ll discover the tangible results that give rise to those relationships.

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